Chapter IV

Olive Oil


Flavor of Home


As I searched for an ideal site to grow and make wine, I also sought a property where my long-held dream of making olive oil could be fulfilled. I hired olive consultant Milagros Castro to help bring my dream to fruition, and Marciano Estate is now home to several olive groves with hundreds of olive trees, including both Italian and Spanish cultivars. Each year, the olives are made into oil: handpicked into small, vented bins and carried by refrigerated truck to a mill where the oil is expertly extracted – all in the

same day. Bottled unfiltered to preserve their fresh, pungent, spicy flavors, our certified organic 100% extra virgin olive oils have won multiple gold medals from both the California Olive Oil Council, the Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition and also been recognized as the best EVOO of the USA in 2023 by the EVOOWR.

“When I was a young boy in Marseille I walked to school, and the aroma from the small olive oil factory on that street was always in the air. It is the scent and the flavor that I grew up with.”

Marciano Estate

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


 Ripened under the Napa Valley sunshine on our organic St. Helena estate, our olives are harvested by hand and pressed the same day to capture a fresh and vibrant first-press olive oil. 

Italian Blend

This award-winning Marciano Estate Italian extra virgin olive oil is a unique blend of Leccino, Maurino, Nocellara and Pendolino varietals to create a perfectly balanced and aromatic oil defined by hints of pepper and green fruit. 

Spanish Arbequina 

Our Arbequina olives produce a uniquely robust and pungent oil extremely high in polyphenols (natural antioxidant) with flavors of green almonds and fresh herbs for a flavorful Spanish extra virgin olive oil.